Are you looking for help or information about mental health support and services for your child, youth or young adult? FamilySmart helps children and young people by helping their family and other caring adults. We know children and young people do better when the adults who care about them are supported.

Please check out the various resources we have available for your use.


Monthly, we host online events for  parenting a child/youth with a mental health and/or substance use challenge called “in the know.” We watch a video & share experiences & strategies that help in the hard moments & focus on strengthening our understanding & connection with our kids.


FamilySmart videos for families and caregivers on mental health and/or substance use topics. We share experiences and strategies that help in life’s hardest moments and focus on strengthening our understanding and connection with our kids. Watch an ‘in the know’ video from our library.


It’s really tough to go through hard stuff with a child/youth who is struggling with their mental health & they end up in crisis & we want to help. We know what it’s like, we’ve been there. Help for the Hard Times workshops are hosted online and facilitated by parents with lived experience.